Auto Room Dimensions

Convert Text Meter to Feet or Feet to Meter

Auto Generate Building Elevation & Sections

Window & Working / Record Plan

Auto Parking Plan / Calculations

Built-up Area Calculations Single Click

Plot Area Calculations Single Click

Furniture Library

Auto Generate Electric Layout

RERA / Detail Area Statement

Auto Centerline Plan & Table

40+ More Interesting Commands     


Structural Pre Design

Auto Column Placing

Column Numbering / Renumbering

Beam Framing With Numbering

Beam Renumbering in Single Click

Instant Update Beam Length / Width / Depth

Auto Slab Numbering With Dimensions

Slab Renumbering in Single Click

Instant Update Slab Dimensions

Instant Grid Line Plan (3D Model Plan)

Planwin / Staad / Etabs...

20+ More Interesting Commands


Structural Post Design

Colum / Footing Size As Per Design

Auto Beam Shuttering Dimensions

Column Grouping As Per Size

Auto Generate Column, Beam, Slab Schedule

Auto Update Column, Beam, Slab in Drawing

Auto Generate Beam Detail Sections

Auto Generate Column Links

Detail UGWT Plans & Sections

Single Footing Sections

Combine Footing Sections

30+ More Interesting Commands


Structural BBSQ
(Bar Bending Schedule & Beam Quantity)

Auto Generate Beam Schedule

Auto Update Beam Layout

Auto Generate Beam Detail Sections

Auto Generate Bar Bending Schedule

Auto Generate Beam Quantity

30+ More Interesting Commands


Bunlgow + App. Auto Design Software

80+ Sketches Draw in Max 1 Min.

Auto Generate Front Elevation

Sketch Plan with Room Dimensions

Door & Windows Numbering

Auto Column Placing

Auto Column & Beam Numbering

Auto Generate Beam Centers for Design

10+ More Interesting Commands


Layout Bungalow Plotting

Auto Generate Layout (Plotting)

Auto Plot Numbering

Auto Plot Dimensions

Layout Table Standard

Layout Table Corporation

Layout Table Town  Planning

20+ More Interesting Commands   



Survey Software

Draw Survey Line

Import Survey Point (ex. csv )

Renumbering Existing Survey Points

Auto Plot Numbering / Renumbering

Convert CAD Points to CSV

Export Survey Points to CSV

Convert CAD Points to Survey Points

15+ More Interesting Commands



R-Dcr Software

Reset Layers PMC / PCMC

Auto Room Dimensions

Auto Text Convert to DCR Layers

Auto Generate Sections

Generate Terrace / Parking Plan

Auto Generate DCR Table

Dcr Table Total Auto Update

10+ More Interesting Commands



Structural Billing Software

Instant Generate Bill

General Invoice

Update Invoice

Paid Invoice Report

Monthly Report

Yearly Report

Work Wise Report


Shear Wall

Auto Generate Shear Wall Column

Auto Numbering/Renumbering

Auto Update Shear Wall Columns

Auto Generate Shear Wall Type's 1, 2, 3

10+ More Interesting Commands


Auto Printing Software

Auto Multiple Print in Single Command

Auto Multiple PDF in Single Command


Demo Video





Auto DWG Backup

Virus Protection For DWG Files