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Hindi Videos
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 Compulsory Load Software
 Convert Single Line to Wall Line New
 Auto Room Dimensions
 Plot Area Calculations New
 Auto Flat Numbers
 Balcony & Terrace Calculations
  Floor Name / Title
 Special Array
 Auto Staircase Plan & Sections
 Filter & Modifications
 Auto Building Elevation New
 RERA Calculation & Chart
 Auto Building Sections New
 Details Room / Area Statement New
 Window, Box, Fin, Chajja, Quantity
 Color / Layer / Linetype Control
 Auto Working
 Water Sanitation's & Parking Calculations
 Convert Meter to Feet or Update
 Convert Feet to Meter or Update New      Centerline in Few Second's New
 Text Rotate & Reverse Internally
 Wall Centerline in Few Second's New
 Column Placing & Numbering
 North East Layout Type 1 & 2
 Furniture Library 
 Change Colors
 Sheets [ A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 ]
 Center to Center Dimensions
 Electric Layout
 Drawing Auto Back-Up
 Built-Up / Plot Area Calculations New
 Clear Unused Files & History in PC
 Built-Up Area Calculations Type 1
 More New Shortcut Commands [ 100 +]
 Built-Up Area Calculations Type 2